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Friends of FANA News - October 2004

Recent Events

We were delighted to host FANA Founders Mercedes and Arturo Martinez for five days in September here in Washington. They visited with families and participated in Friends of FANA events including a cocktail reception and auction benefiting FANA with a special visit by Colombian Ambassador Luis Moreno (pictured top center above with Mercedes, Arturo, the Consul General from Houston, and other Embassy officials). The next day, they enjoyed a sunny fun-filled family picnic at Fort Hunt Park in Alexandria. They were so happy to be here with us and delighted to be able to make two referrals of infants for adoption during their visit! Congratulations to the families involved, who are already in Bogota.

The proceeds from the weekend's activities go to FANA. We have cleared over $8,000 from the auction and expect to receive matching funds for several gifts. Thank you very much to everyone who contributed auction items or opened their checkbooks to make the evening a huge success. Combined with other grant money, we have been able to send a check for $12,500 to FANA for use in its continuing operations.

So many people are owed big "thank yous" for their parts in making the visit a success. Thank you to Tracy Stanton and Carlos Cuevas for hosting our cocktail party and reception and to Lisa White for serving as co-chair of the evening and to Karen Lightfield for the beautiful invitations. Thank you to Megan Dennis and Jeanette Ryan for their creative flair in planning the picnic. Additional thanks are due to Ruby and Gary Latham, Tracy Stanton, Jeanette and Steve Ryan, Robin Allen, and Maria and Warren Van Wie for tirelessly helping with driving, golf, shopping, sightseeing, and other activities during their visit. Thank you all.

News From Bogota´

Referrals of children for adoption continue to move very slowly for Colombian adoption programs. This is due to changes within the Colombian welfare system and is being experienced by many Colombian orphanages. FANA currently cares for 20 foster care children not available for adoption. Likewise, FANA continues to help young women in need with medical care, training, food, and shelter at the Hogar Marguerite.

It's a Girl!

Elena and Cesar Lopez, Mercedes' daughter and son-in-law, have announced the arrival of a daughter, Juliana, born in July in Bogota where they now live. After her maternity leave, Elena plans to have a continuing role in the administration of FANA.

United Way

Designate Friends of FANA as a recipient of your United Way contributions. Our Tax ID # is 26-0009005. Your donation comes to us and will be sent directly to FANA.

Marathon Run for FANA

FANA dad Karl Fingerhood is running the New York City Marathon on November 7th in honor of his family and in support of FANA. He is looking for sponsors to challenge him to complete the full 26.2 mile run. All proceeds will go directly to FANA. If you would like a sponsor form, please send an email to info@fanafriendsdc.org.

Great Colombia Information for Kids

The website for the Embassy of Colombia has a section on "Colombia for Kids" with information on the government, economy, symbols, geography, climate and population. www.colombiaemb.org.

Board News

The Board met in September. We are still looking at enhancing our website and developing more powerful list/database management capabilities. An Annual Meeting and Election of new Board members will be held in November. If you are a Friends of FANA member and interested in serving on the Board, please contact a current Board member or Laura Capaldini at info@fanafriendsdc.org. Current Board members are: Laura Capaldini, Megan Dennis, Valerie Light, Ricardo Nunez, Karen Lightfield, Jeanette Ryan, Tracy Stanton, Maria Van Wie, and Lisa White (contact information is available in the Friends of FANA Directory).

Membership Time!

It's time to renew your membership for 2005. Members receive discounts on our activities, invitations to special events, and a copy of our membership directory. Dues go to pay for our ongoing operating costs including newsletters, the website, costs of events not covered by fees, and general expenses. Membership is $35 per family per calendar year. Click here to become a member, or email info@fanafriendsdc.org for a membership form.


If you and your children have enjoyed some of our recent events, we would love to have you become more involved in helping with future activities. We have a wide variety of needs, including short-term opportunities. So please say "yes" to volunteering on the membership form!

Friends of FANA is a parent group which provides Colombian educational, cultural, and social activities for the families of children from Colombia. We also support FANA, the Fundacion para la Asistencia de la Ninez Abandonada. Friends of FANA is a 501c(3) member organization.