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Friends of FANA News - October 2002

We've had a busy start to the fall and want to bring you up to date on many of our activities.

Visitors from FANA

In September, we had the honor of receiving a visit from Flor Angela Rojas, FANA's administrative director, Maria Teresa Maldonado, and Dr. Martha Ronderos, a FANA pediatrician. Our official events - a cocktail party on Saturday night at the Dennis's house and a picnic on Sunday - were great opportunities for them to meet you and your children. Over 250 people attended the picnic Sunday, including several families with pictures of Flor Angela or Maria Teresa presenting their children to them! Saturday at cocktails, our guests had a chance to talk more with parents (and grandparents) of FANA children and to express their appreciation for all that we are doing here to support FANA's work in Colombia.

In addition to our events, they had a full schedule of activities. One morning was spent touring the NICU, Pediatrics Ward, and low-income OB-GYN clinic at INOVA Fairfax Hospital. An afternoon and evening were spent with the Barker Foundation staff, waiting parents, and Board members with one of our waiting families receiving their referral that day. Another day was spent touring DC, including visits to several of the memorials on the Mall, the National Cathedral, and the DuPont Circle area. The afternoon's highlight was a meeting with Ambassador Luis Alberto Moreno at the Embassy of Colombia. They also had time to enjoy some local shopping and Maria Teresa played a round of golf (thanks to the Daugherty family).

We are very appreciative of the opportunity we had to get to know them better and to forge stronger ties between our group and these amazing women who are the backbone of FANA. We hope that they will be visiting us again in the coming years. Thank you to each and every one of you who made their visit such a success.

Thank you from Mercedes

The following is a copy of a letter received from Mercedes, thanking us for our many contributions to FANA this year. FANA is truly appreciative of everything we are able to do to provide assistance to the children and the mothers.

Dear Friends,

The Children of FANA join me to express our gratitude and appreciation for your continuous support. Your generosity allows us to save all the children who come to us and that are in need of special care, and demand lots of attention and love provided by us and all of our trained staff.

As you know, some of them stay with us a long period of time and we need all the help that we can get. Thank you for your thoughtfulness, your kindness, and for sharing with our dear FANA your family news which we love to hear about, especially when you send pictures.

Keep in contact with FANA as we are all eager to hear from time to time from you.

May God bless you and your children for making FANA's work possible. We ask for prayers for the world and the Colombian peace.

With my warmest regards,

Mercedes R. de Martinez
President - Founder FANA

Report from Buffalo's FANA Weekend in July

Maria Van Wie and Laura Capaldini (and children) made the trip this summer to Buffalo, NY to attend "FANA Weekend", put on by Families of FANA, WNY. Mercedes and Arturo were there, as were their children Maria Lucia (and her girls) and Elena and Cesar Lopez. We were welcomed at their Board meeting on Friday night and learned more about how they run their group, which is the largest Friends group here in the U.S. We also attended their cocktail party and their annual picnic, which had over 600 people in attendance. The golf tournament and dinner were the following day. They raised over $200,000 for FANA from the tournament, silent auction, and associated raffles and activities. We hope to continue to have an open line of communication with the WNY group based on this great first visit.

Calling New Board and Committee Members

In late November, Friends of FANA will have its annual meeting of the Board and election of new Board members. We hope this year to expand our Board from five to seven members. Terms are staggered 2-year terms (so 4 members will have two year and 3 members will have 1 year terms this year). If you are interested or you want to nominate someone else, please email Maria Van Wie at vanwie3@comcast.net. The Board meets twice a year and does the rest of its business through phone or email contact.

We also could use additional help on our committees: Fundraising/Public Relations and Event Planning. Again, most work is done via email or phone. Occasional meetings are called when required. Please email Maria at the address above if you are interested in helping.

Fundraising for FANA

Our annual fundraising mailing for FANA will be coming to you in the next month. Please consider giving generously to support the ongoing needs at FANA.

Friends of FANA is a non-profit organization which provides cultural and educational activities for children adopted from Colombia as well as support to FANA, an orphanage located in Bogota, Colombia