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Friends of FANA News - May 2007

Dear Friends of FANA,

Hello everyone! We can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for FANA, but here we are asking you again for your support. FANA is going through some tough times, but there is progress. Right now, as you can see from the enclosed donation form, funds are needed to help support the children from Bienestar and new equipment for the nurseries. Please do what you can to help! We’ve made it easier for you to donate – you can now do it online on our website: www.friendsoffana.org. The link will accept credit cards and we are hoping to make you donations an easier process for you.

We’ve had a great year with some changes. Elena Martinez has taken over the day-to-day operations at FANA. Mercedes’ health is good and she was a big part of the 35th anniversary celebration in February. There is another one scheduled for the weekend of August 10th. Please let me know if you plan on going, as Mercedes and Elena would like to know. This is very important. Please contact me directly if you need more information (lpjwhite@verizon.net).

New Friends of FANA Website!

Next, we’ve launched our new website: www.friendsoffana.org. I’ve received so many e-mails from people connected to FANA in some way, where the site was able to help them out. I’ve heard from people looking for information and have been able to find it because of this site. Thank you so much, Laura Capaldini for spearheading this!

Board News

We’ve added two new members to our board and are at full strength! We’re very excited to get some fresh energy. The current board was re-elected and we now stand at 11 members, consisting of:

Board of Directors:
President: Lisa White
Vice President: Tracy Stanton
Secretary: Brenda Ulrich
Treasurer: Matthew Nau

Board Members:
Ricardo Nunez
Jennifer Cofone
Laura Fingerhood
Jeanette Ryan
Renee Reyes
Megan Dennis
Marie Van Wie

Finally, we have a great year of events planned. Many of the dates are not yet set, but plan on checking our website for future information. Speaking of which, we will be sending future newsletters electronically to keep down costs. This is money that we could be sending to FANA, but have had to use for mailings. You will soon see how to sign up on the site. All information will be private and not given away to solicitors!

Upcoming Events

June 3, 2:00 pm

“Colombia for Kids” Education Event at the National Zoo

September, TBD

Summer Family Picnic:

2007 – Date TBD

Adult Embassy Event