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Friends of FANA News - April 2001

Colombian Carnivale Success

At our annual Colombian Carnivale in February, 2001, Friends of FANA was proud to present a check to FANA in the amount of $57,500 to help pay for extraordinary medical expenses for children at FANA. Elena and Cesar Lopez, daughter and son-in-law of Mercedes Rosario de Martinez, were present to accept our contribution on behalf of FANA. Supporters of FANA from throughout the United States helped make the gift a reality. Our grateful thanks for your assistance.

Elena and Cesar enjoyed a weekend full of visits with the families and children, including meeting several children whom Elena herself had presented to the families for adoption. The Carnivale itself was a great success, with over 120 participants, delicious Colombian food, and wonderful entertainment by El Tayrona, a Colombian Folklore and Musical Group. Well-known Colombian singer Natividad Fajardo joined the group and sang several traditional Colombian folk songs for the gathering. We were delighted to have them.

Embassy Event

On February 3, 2001, Friends of FANA sponsored an event at the Colombian Embassy for children ages 9-12 and their parents. Welcomed by counselor officers of the embassy on behalf of Ambassador Luis Alberto Moreno, the children were treated to a program on "Colombia, Our History, Customs and Culture" and enjoyed traditional Colombian foods prepared by the Embassy.

While Ambassador Moreno was unable to attend, he did send the following message to the participants:

It is a pleasure for me and my wife to have you all visit our home today. This house is not only our residence but also the home of all Colombians including these children, and therefore it is your home too.

When we received the Barker Foundation request, we did not hesitate to accept. We believe that this organization's mission, as well as Friends of FANA's is very important for Colombian children in their hope to have their minimal needs covered, but above all to have love.

Unfortunately, I can not be here with you today, because due to my job, I am out of town.

I hope you enjoy your visit, learn more about our country's history, customs, and culture. In addition I hope you taste some Colombian snacks.

Welcome home, esta es su casa!
Luis Alberto Moreno

Our heartfelt thanks to Ambassador Moreno and the Embassy staff for making our visit possible.

FANA 30th Anniversary Plans

On February 4, 2002, FANA will celebrate the 30th anniversary of its founding. Plans are being made for a gala celebration at FANA in Bogota. Representatives of the many Friends of FANA organizations world wide will be in attendance. FANA welcomes any families with children from FANA to come to the event. Those of us who were present at the opening of the new orphanage facility in 1995 know what a wonderful event this can be as well as a joyful time to re-introduce our children to FANA and to Colombia. To learn more about the celebration, please contact FANA. Friends of FANA D.C. will also host a local celebration in the Washington D.C. area next February. Keep watching this website for more information.

Support for FANA

Friends of FANA helps provide financial support for FANA's activities through the auspices of The Barker Foundation. If you are interested in helping FANA this way, please contact
Sheila LiCausi
Director of Development
The Barker Foundation
7945 MacArthur Blvd.
Cabin John, MD 20818

More About Us

Friends of FANA, D.C. is a parent-run support group, under the auspices of The Barker Foundation. We represent families who have adopted children from FANA and from elsewhere in Colombia. Most of our families have worked with great success through The Barker Foundation (see link under Local Adoption Organizations). We exist to provide support to families adopting from Colombia, to provide cultural and educational opportunities for these families, and to provide ongoing support to FANA. Our activities are locally based on the Washington, D.C. area, however we welcome participation from anyone with children adopted from Colombia. For more information on contacting us, see "Contact Us" on the Home Page.