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Privacy Policy

Friends of FANA DC is committed to protecting the privacy of its visitors and any personal information provided to us.

What kind of information do we collect?

The only information that we collect is the information you voluntarily provide by completing an online Membership or Donation Form. Such data may include your name, address, telephone numbers, email address, and, in specific cases, topics you are interested in, questions or concerns. (Note: we do not knowingly collect any personal information from children ages 13 and under.)

How do we use this information?

Friends of FANA DC uses the provided information to respond to your requests for information. We do not rent, sell, trade or exchange any information that you volunteer. (An exception to this policy would be if we were required to respond to a legal process or procedure to comply with a specific law or regulation.) In addition, should Friends of FANA DC merge, combine or be purchased by another organization, information may be shared as a result of the transaction.

What about changes in policy?

Notice of any changes to our current privacy policy will be posted here. Feel free to check back from time to time to review any changes we may have made.

What about links to other websites?

We provide links to other websites as a courtesy to our visitors. While we make every effort to list only those links of value, quality, and appropriateness, the inclusion of outside links on our site is not to be construed as official endorsement or approval of its content, author, or originating corporate and/or organizational entity. Further, we cannot guarantee the existence of or be responsible for the quality of the content offered by these outside websites.