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Traveling to Adopt

In–Country Stay

Adopting from Colombia requires a stay in-country of anywhere from three to eight weeks for at least one parent (both parents start the visit but one can return to the U.S. after about 10 days). This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the country and its culture in order to share it with your child later in his/her life. Several of the hotels are set up to assist with adopting families. They often have access to translators and guides who can help with the adoption process and arrange sightseeing or travel outings. Most of our members have found that the assistance of guides is essential to making the process as smooth and trouble-free as possible. Most guides work with one or more particular orphanages; contact information can also be obtained from the orphanages.

Residencias and Hotels

There are a number of places where adoptive families stay in Bogotá. They tend to be on the north side of Bogotá, near shopping, restaurants, and parks. The following are some of the places where our members have stayed during their trips to Bogotá. Some are larger hotels and others are smaller residencies specifically for adoptive families. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but rather suggests some possible places to stay. Many of the U.S. adoption agencies have specific hotels where they prefer their families to stay.

For families that are staying in Colombia several weeks, there is plenty of time to do sightseeing in and around Bogotá, and also to take side trips. Generally, the guides and translators know which routes are safe and which sightseeing trips are worth taking. For detailed information about things to do in Bogotá and elsewhere in Colombia, see our section on Travel to Colombia.

Visas, Passports, and Citizenship

To enter the United States with an internationally adopted child, the child must have a US immigrant Visa. The prospective adoptive parents must file a form I-600A Orphan Petition in order to gain preliminary approval to bring a child into the United States. Once a specific child has been identified, then a form I-600 is presented to the local US Consulate for Visa approval. 

Children adopted abroad by American citizens automatically receive US citizenship through the Child Citizenship Act of 2000. In most cases, the child will receive a Certificate of US Citizenship within 45 days of entering the country. If a child does not receive the Certificate automatically, parents are strongly encouraged to apply for evidence of citizenship with the US Citizenship and Immigration Service, so the child will have lifelong evidence of US citizenship.