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Adopting from FANA

General Information

FANA’s adoption program has been in place for over 30 years. FANA has placed children in over 20 countries worldwide. There are parent-led support organizations in a number of cities that help support parents through the process and also provide post-adoption educational and cultural events for the families.
The following groups in the United States have ongoing relationships with FANA and participate in the adoption process:

  • The Barker Foundation serves the Washington, DC metropolitan area.
  • Families of FANA, Western NY and PA, serves New York State, Pennsylvania, and occasionally families from outside those areas. Adoptions are handled through Baker Victory Services in Buffalo, NY.
  • Friends of FANA, Minnesota, serves Minnesota and Wisconsin with adoptions handled through Crossroads Adoption Services and the Children’s Home Society of Minnesota.
  • CFAC serves families in Connecticut (contact information not available).
    In the past, other agencies in New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York City, and in the Washington State area have also made placements from FANA.  However, to the best of our knowledge, they do not work with FANA today.

Adopting from Other Orphanages

Orphanages in Colombia must be authorized for adoption by the Instituto Colombiano Bienestar Familiar (Bienestar), the government authority responsible for the welfare of children. Many successful adoptions have been made through these organizations. A list of Bienestar authorized orphanages is included in the US Department of State website page on Colombian adoption.