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Current FANA Building

FANA moved to its current location in 1995. Located in the Bogotá suburb of Suba, the new FANA building offered expanded living and play space for the children, office space for staff, and an environment away from the noise and traffic of downtown Bogotá. Expanded space also allows FANA to support the local community, including a program on Building Peace within the Family designed to reduce domestic violence in low-income families.

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Old FANA Buildings

Many families with children adopted before 1995 will remember visiting one of the original FANA locations in downtown Bogotá. In addition to housing the infants and children, the three buildings that comprised FANA included a dental clinic, medical clinic, classrooms for children, a shop, and a small play area. FANA also had its own bakery, FANAPAN, which provided training for the birth mothers and sold baked goods to the public. 

Click here for pictures of the old FANA location.